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In The News - 8/14/19

For many Americans, dramatic climate change has already arrived


"Nothing spreads the energy message any better than seeing muscle power in action! It's good to know that Buffalo is willing to sweat a little to build a new world!" 

Bill McKibben

About Us

About Us

Green Buffalo Runner is an environmental awareness campaign supported by and for the running community. Participants simply agree on the premise that the Earth's natural resources are finite. Members are encouraged to take responsibility for their own environmental footprint in the hope of leaving our children with a greener planet.


Green Buffalo Runner began in 2010.  The Green Buffalo symbolizes one of the first environmental success stories in our nation’s history. The most prominent mammal to ever roam the  U.S., the American Bison (aka Buffalo) numbered 40 million in 1800 and less than 100 years later, as few as 600 remained. Thanks to the conservation efforts of the era, the trend was reversed, ultimately preserving these majestic animals.


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Members demonstrate their support for climate awareness by agreeing to the Green Buffalo Runner - 7 Step Pledge. This simple action plan asks participants to commit to one daily activity for a week in the hope that these actions will spur individual involvement to the next level.



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