Setting the Pace for A Greener Tomorrow

Setting the Pace for A Greener Tomorrow

Setting the Pace for A Greener TomorrowSetting the Pace for A Greener Tomorrow

Green Buffalo Fitness

Green Buffalo Fitness specializes in personal training for adults (age 40+ plus) seeking to improve their health. 

Whatever your current level of fitness, Green Buffalo is here to help. For some, that may mean abandoning a sedentary lifestyle, Others may want to run their first ever 5k or Half Marathon. Then there are those dedicated individuals intent on maintaining an optimal level of fitness. Wherever you are on the fitness spectrum, getting older should never be  an excuse from being the healthiest you can be.

Green Buffalo Fitness focuses on both personal and small group training to enhance cardio development and improve strength and endurance.

We are certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), globally recognized as one of the most respected personal trainer certification programs in the U.S. We also hold ACE Specialist Certifications in both Senior Fitness and Fitness Nutrition along with being  Red Cross CPR / AED Certified. 

Every new Green Buffalo Fitness client is offered a complimentary 15 minute evaluation. Client goals are examined to customize a program that best fits you / your group’s needs.

Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your fitness evaluation.